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Let's Stay Healthy Reviews!

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"I read Let's Stay Healthy yesterday to my kids (ages 3-8) and they each loved it! It prompted them to ask so many different questions and it led to so many different topics on staying healthy. They learned so much from it, and it  really broke down the ins and outs of staying healthy. I couldn’t have given over the information that well without the help of this  book!"

Feigy Friedman, Mother

Don't Read This Book Reviews!

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"A creative and fun book that engagingly invites the young reader into the process of self awareness and choices. Full of real life examples, creative imagery and exploration, Bracha Goetz once again masterfully supports our kids in their journey of healthy social emotional development through a Torah lens."

Miriam Campbell, MA SLP-CCC, MSW, Skills for Connection

The Invisible Book.jpg

Ruchama K. Feuerman

"The Invisible Book"

"Bracha Goetz’s charming and illuminating book, told in rhymes, breaks down sophisticated concepts – the intangibility of emotions, gravity, wind, the soul, God Himself, and yet makes them live as realities for the very young. This wonderful book belongs in every home and school."


Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Rosh Yeshiva,

Yeshiva Darchei Torah 

"Talking About Personal Privacy"

This book helps parents address an aspect of personal safety that is critical in our generation and should be required reading for all children. The book's clear, simple, and age-appropriate lessons will help to open lines of communication that, until now, have often been locked behind a wall of uncertainty and fear. I urge parents everywhere to study and internalize its lessons and then take the time to utilize this book as a beautiful opportunity to protect and to grow even closer to their children.

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Anna Dogole

"Remarkable Park"

"After reading this book, your children will look at the world around them with new awareness of the many creatures that share the world with them, the wonders that exist if we just look for them, and the many lessons we can learn from nature if we just open our minds and listen to what nature has to tell us. This is a must-have book for both public and private libraries catering to young children."

I Want to be Famous.jpg

Christopher Jude

"I want to be Famous"

"This book easily keeps a child's attention with the words rhythm and content. It succeeds in telling a fun story while entertaining, and also teaching the importance for a child to believe in themselves for who they are, rather than what people might see them as on the outside. This book is perfect for children to assist in building character. "

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