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-Oh, The Places She's Been!-

In Person!

Cheder Chabad of Baltimore

Bais Yaakov of Baltimore Lower Elementary School

Chabad Early Learning Center, Rockaway, NJ

Yeshiva Torat Emet Preschool-Middle School in Houston

Phoenix Kollel Women's Programming

Lev Bais Yaakov in Flatbush, NY

Talmudical Academy Preschool of Baltimore

Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore Preschool-Middle School

Soferet Women's Writing Group in Beitar, Israel

Houston Leon Weiner Jewish Library

Torah Day School of Phoenix

Nshei of Lakewood Commons, Lakewood, NJ

Ahavas Israel Women's Programming (Rabbi Eisenman's Shul) Passaic, NJ

Denver, CO

Beth Jacob Atlanta Family Programming

B'nai Israel Congregation N'shei, Norfolk, VA

Bais Yaakov Academy (BYA) of Brooklyn, NY

Lakewood Courtyard for Seniors

Clifton Cheder in Passaic, NJ

Cong. Ariel Family Programming, Dunwoody, GA

Beth Jacob Atlanta Women's Programming

Lev Bais Yaakov in Flatbush

Bnei Jacob Shaarei Zion Nshei

And MANY More!

In Print!

Women Look at Biology Looking at Women

Editor of Two Halves of a Whole

Thrive Global

Jewish Action

Newsweek Magazine

Editor of Finding the Woman of Valor

Our Lives Anthologies

Chicken Soup for the Soul Anthologies

McCall's Magazine

Olomeinu Magazine

Jewish Home

Authority Magazine

The Jewish Observer


Ami Magazine

Circle Magazine

The 5 Towns Jewish Times

Psychology Today

Hamodia and Inyan Magazine

Mishpacha Magazine and Mishpacha Junior

Binah Magazine and Binah Bunch

The Jewish Press

And MANY More!

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