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-Presentation Reviews-

Children Are Inspired!

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My students were riveted while Mrs. Goetz read Hashem's Candy Store to them. They went through their lunches afterward exclaiming, "Look! I have Hashem's candy!" when they found a fruit or vegetable. Clearly, the message of the book struck home! Thank you!

~ Mrs. Chevi Gewirtz

2nd Grade Girls Teacher, YTE Houston

And Adults Get Uplifted Too!


Attending the talk given by Bracha Goetz in Atlanta last year was not only entertaining, but also very inspiring. Her openness and honesty about her journey, told in a story-like fashion, made for a fun time and allowed the audience to have a real connection to her, her humanness. Not only did I learn a lot, but I really felt like I got to know her, through her story and all the questions and answers. I would love to hear her speak again and read more things she has written. Definitely an hour well spent!!

~Mrs. Sheva Habif
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